The Bible Message without Patriarchy

Genesis 47, The Idolatry of Ancient Egypt; Exposing the Nonbiblical Origins of Today’s Complementarian Movement

August 15, 2020

In this podcast episode, we read Genesis 47 from the Good News Translation, Today's English Version.  In this story, Joseph's leadership saves Egypt during a time of famine.  History and archaeology give us an in-depth look at the culture of ancient Egypt.  Central to this culture was the religious concept of Ma'at.  Ma'at taught that male authority was part of the "order of nature" ordained by the gods.  It was believed that observing Ma'at would bring prosperity to the land.  We trace the influence of this belief from ancient Egypt to Greece, and finally to the Roman church of the 4th century AD.  Borrowing from these ancient sources, today's complementarian leaders continue to confuse the core beliefs of an idolatrous religion with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

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