The Bible Message without Patriarchy

Genesis 43, Joseph is Reunited with His Family; Correcting Errors in Bible Translation that are Rooted in Prejudice against Women and the Jewish People

February 9, 2020

In this podcast episode, we read Genesis 43 from the Good News Translation of the Bible, Today's English Version.  In this story, we see Joseph finally reunited with his family.  Unfortunately, the Good News Bible makes an error in the translation of an important verse in this passage.  This error, and others like it, stem from Latin translations of the Bible in the 4th century AD that began to marginalize the Jewish People.  Similar translation errors, made by theologians of the same era, also began to marginalize women.  At this time in history, the church had newly become an arm of the Roman state--a state that was prejudiced against women and Jews.  In this episode, we restore the original meaning of the passage, as found in ancient Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic manuscripts--all of which were written long before the 4th century AD.

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